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Pinstriping (Add-On Only) - Stripe Source
Charger Pinstriping (Add-On Only) - Stripe Source
Pinstriping (Add-On Only) - Stripe Source

Charger Pinstriping (Add-On Only)

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Add Our High Quality Vinyl Pinstriping to Your Order!

Make your stripe kit POP with this dramatic effect. This set of pinstriping will accentuate the lines of your decal, and adds an amazing stylistic component to set your decal apart.

Match it with other colored parts of your vehicle! For example, add our Red Pinstriping to match the taillights of your vehicle. Or, choose "Match My Stripe Kit," which adds pinstripe that matches the color you've chosen for your main stripes (and adds a small gap between the edge of your main stripes and the pinstriping).

About the Pinstriping:

  • This top notch vinyl pinstriping is a peel and stick product that is easily reposition-able, just like your Stripe Kit (just cut, peel, and contour to your surface. It is VERY easy to install pinstriping, and should take only 10 minutes)
  • When it comes time to remove the vinyl, it will come off easily and not cause damage to the surface.
  • This dependable vinyl pinstriping is high quality, similar to what you'd find from the factory that produces the Mustang Shelby GT350. You can expect it to adhere for as long as your stripe kit. Manufactured in the United States, this is a 'top of the line' grade vinyl.
  • 1/4th of an Inch Wide, and long enough to fully accent your decal, plus a little extra (approximately 30 feet). 

This Pinstriping is available as an ADD ON ONLY, and cannot be purchased alone. If you need a new set of pinstriping for whatever reason, please contact us.

Charger Pinstriping (Add-On Only) - Stripe Source
Pinstriping (Add-On Only) - Stripe Source